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temps in trunk vs dash

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  • temps in trunk vs dash

    I've been debating where to put my upcoming carputer. I plan to put my Lilliput in the dash (double DIN spot), but it also looks as if a miniITX PC can also fit in there with some convincin'. The alternative is just to run a long VGA cable to the trunk.

    The thing is, I'm in the SF bay area, and it's been rather warm lately. Actually, we've had some great weather. Anyways, when I got into my car the other day it was freakin' hot in there! I thought I'd see what kind of temps we might see in the dash vs in the trunk.

    So, I got one of those inside/outside thermometers and threw the remote unit in my trunk. Then I put the read unit in the dash. As I kinda expected, the dash hit a max of 130F. The trunk, on the other hand, hit a max of 'only' 98F. This was sitting in the sun yesterday, all day while I was at work. I should note that it was actually about 75-80F outside, but this was sitting in full sun, closed windows.

    So, maybe it's a better idea to put the carputer in the trunk, from a perspective of heat. I think most computers might have a hard time starting up with an ambient of 130F.

    What do you think?

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    Read up on heat... several threads. both locations have pros/cons.

    My preferance in in the passenger area of the vehicle.
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