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EPIA MII - Problem with OnBoard Lan

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  • EPIA MII - Problem with OnBoard Lan

    I just got my MII this week. I am running winXP home. When I connect to the internet, pages seem to load slower than normal. However when I begin a download I am only getting 10kbps MAX on a DSL! I have installed the EPIA network drivers but it hasnt changed. I know I should be getting a better rate because I have tried many different servers. My other PC gets a normal connection as well. I also have used the diagnostics in the NIC program that comes with the epia drivers. 1 out of five times it shows that it is my network cable, but it works fine now and always has with my desktop machine. Has anyone else had this problem? Anyone know how to fix?
    1997/Honda/Civic HB

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    i get this same problem with my M1000, i found it to be a problem with the network drivers that come with XP

    try to get the latest drivers from the via website or, then see if that fixes it, it does for me................