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looking for compact Baby AT case to fit 8.5"x8.5" mobo

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  • looking for compact Baby AT case to fit 8.5"x8.5" mobo

    I hope you can help me out with this one...I've been these boards, and online vendors, and haven't had much success at all.

    I've got a PC Chips 748 mobo, roughly 8.5" square. It's Baby AT format, so I was looking for a compact Baby AT case to mount it in. Do you know of any cases that'll work for this? Or am I going to have to resort to making my own case for it? (I'd rather not do that, because my spare time is rather limited, but if I must, then I must...)

    If anybody's got any help for me on this, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thx!

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    I haven't seen a Baby AT board for while, so I don't remember the specs on the motherboard mounts and slots and such. But it shouldn't be too far from a microATX motherboard. So you could pick up a microATX case and use it.

    You may have to modify it a bit, and you will definitely have to get one of those ATX to AT power supply adapters. (I think has them) Also you will NOT be able to use the rear face plate that covers the ports. It won't match your Baby AT ports, but the open rectangle where the face plate goes should be big enough to allow access to all of your ports.

    Also, you may have to drill/tap a couple new motherboard mount holes, but that's better than building a whole case. Below is a link to the .PDF of the microATX motherboard spec. Use it to compare to your current motherboard and see if a microATX case will work for you.

    Pay special attention to the motherboard mount layout, and the height constraints section.

    Good luck,
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      Tom, much thanks. Yeah, maybe that's the best idea, just modding a microATX case. As far as power, that's not a problem, since even though the board is Baby-AT format, it actually has power connectors for both ATX and AT power supply units.

      Thanks again.