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    I'm new here, I've been working on various car computers for several years, I'm not there yet. I've used various laptops and SBC's and have been considering getting an ITX board, but I've found that processor performance always seems to be a problem. I recently bought a Blaupunkt MDP-01 MP3 Player its an option for several Blaupunkt car stereos and so far what I've found is it has an analog output and two wires for data from the head unit, my thought is the box does its own decoding so a processor doesn't have to, only tell it what to play, leaving more processing power for my GPS. Does this make sense? And if so what's the best way to figure out the data stream to this box. The down side is I won't be able to wifi MP3's from my house, but the unit comes with a 1 GB microdrive so I suppose that shouldn't be a problem.
    They have been selling on eBay without the included microdrive pretty cheap, and I bought two of them locally and plan on listing the second one on eBay. The first one is scattered about my shop along with a Matching Head unit. I'm thinking I could use tap into the data wires using a comport monitor and just read the port as I try different functions. Any suggestions are welcomed, it makes sense to me, but I can always use a reality check.

    Thanks Steve