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inquiry on dc-dc!!!

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  • inquiry on dc-dc!!!

    how do u power up a computer using a dc-dc converter? dyu have to do some tweaking on the pc's power supply? i need the wiring shematics of such from the converter to the mainboard and its components, if uve got.

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    A DC-DC converter replaces the normal PC power supply completely. It takes the battery voltage and converts it directly to the voltages required by all the pc components such as the motherboard and disk drives.

    It is not possible to "tweak" a normal PC power supply to act as a DC-DC converter unless you supply it with 180V DC.


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      how then do you connect the dc-dc converter to the diff. components of the computer? also, ive seen a dc-dc converter in an audio store here, its relatively cheap, the size of a cigarette pack but labelled 500mA, is this enough?


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        I would recommend that you avoid trying to use a DC-DC converter unless you know what you are doing and understand electronics.

        You will not be able to buy a suitable DC-DC converter in any local store but they can be bought from specialist companies or if you have the skills you can make your own.

        The quickest and simplest way to get a mp3car operatianal is to use a DC-AC power inverter.

        MP3Ford has some usefull and informative info on his website. Go take a look


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          yep.. I fully agree with sproggy.. there is no real advantage in using DC-DC anyway.. unless you have to get your mp3 system into a confined space.. otherwise they are just a waste of time..


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            Try starting you car while your inverter is running...

            Want to deal with annoying 60Hz noise with filters and ground-loop isolators? Get an inverter.

            You can buy DC/DC supplies that fit in the standard power supply bay in a PC case -- not just for "confined spaces". They have a couple of screw terminals that you can connect right to a 12V source in the car. With an inverter you either have to run a long cigarette lighter plug into the trunk or lop off the connector and splice it to some leads.

            You can build a DC/DC supply for next to nothing if you can read a schematic and solder. All the parts but wire and breadboard are available for free as samples from various companies.

            Inverters are the cheap and easy way out -- if you want stability, low-noise, and efficiency get a DC/DC supply. It's pointless to convert 12V to 120VAC and back down to 12V and less for running a PC. DC/DC is much better if you are able to take advantage of it.


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              Well sproggy and inmytree, I picked up a Dc-Dc power supply from Scott Kincaid I must say it is pretty small and it looks cool. A Dc-Dc powersupply takes MUCH less strain off the battery. It dosnt need as much cooling as a Dc-Ac powersupply. It cost me around 50$ to get it (I live in Kuwait.. and no I dont have a camel)

              ZyKlon X

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                Weres that then?


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                  hello guys,

                  First place, I must thank God because I found the forum I was looking for...second, sorry for the bad english because I'm brazillian...

                  I saw many posts talking about font schemes...anybody could tell me at least one place where I can find such scheme? I've been trying by two months to get a good scheme but it's very hard...I ended with a ton of technical data sheets but nothing good...