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cool my ipod broke, time to gut this baby (HD)

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  • cool my ipod broke, time to gut this baby (HD)

    ok my ipod broke, so i decided to play with the harddrive. the little toshiba 1.8" disc is not the same oem model as on their website. It has 50 pins instead of 46.

    hmm, is it the same as a CF card? YES. It works perfectly with a CF-to-IDE adapter.

    it's the same as an ata-100 HD with 512k buffer.

    my ipod was a 3g 20gig ipod. before you use it you have to format it. there's 2 partitions, 1 for the ipod firmware, and your mp3 space.

    so if you ever break your ipod, and your warranty is kaputt. use it as a cf card.
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