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soft audio switcher...anyone made one?

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  • soft audio switcher...anyone made one?

    I need to switch my audio from my head unit, to my PC, without the speaker popping problem a switch or relay causes. Has anyone ever made a circiut that can do it softly?
    I have searched and searched the net and this forum for the answer but I just cant seem to locate it. Im sure I saw something about this a year or two ago but now i just cant seem to find it.
    Ford XR6T blueprint 4.0 L twin cam turbo.
    Xenarc 7" touchscreen M10000 Audigy 2 NX
    ITX 120W PS 80gig HD, 256MB Ram, USB wireless internet/LAN
    Griffin Powermate Panasonic DVD-CDW
    Pioneer 5x7 Four way, 2x12 pioneer subz
    600watt 6chan USA audio AMP