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  • very very vey odd q

    umm right i have a motor bike which i want to put one of them neon lights on but the only type i can find are 12v there is my problem the motorbikelikt most of them are 6v i am if someone couldsuggest how i would go about changing it or maybe find a 6v one that would be great thats guys p.s. i am also into carputers and the is the only place i know that would even being close to answering my question

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    Where are you from? I don't know that I've ever seen a 6VDC bike here in the US. I would guess that some really old ones are 6VDC, but anything younger than 30-40 years old would probably be 12VDC.


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      yeah the bike i want to put it on is a old honda cm its my lillte baby looks so sweet