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Clarion DSP -- Optical inputs

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  • Clarion DSP -- Optical inputs

    I recently ran across some information on the Clarion DPH910 DSP module. Looks pretty sweet...what I am focused on is the specs that I have read show that it includes 4 digital fiber optical inputs. I am thinking that this may be a way to utilize the fiber connections on many sound cards (and my M-audio Sonica) to input a digital signal into my audio system. From what I have read, this DSP still needs a headunit for control, but the DSP itself can be had for around $50 at quite a few places I have looked. Combine this with a headunit, and you are around $250 for the whole setup. Not bad for nice headunit, a DSP, and purely digital sound. Maybe I am missing something, is there any reason this wont work? Its for sale at:

    and the user manual can be found at:$FILE/DPH910.pdf

    Any input or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks,

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    even cheaper here:


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      don't those have to be used in line with a clarion head unit?
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        Originally posted by shakes
        don't those have to be used in line with a clarion head unit?
        Right, as I understand it you need a Clarion head unit with the CE-NET interface to be able to control the different DSP parameters. Not sure if it could be used stand-alone with default settings? However, I have seen Clarion HUs on Ebay for about $200 or so. I was actually planning on getting a HU anyway with Aux inputs, so for a little more (if this DSP would interface digitally via the optical cables) I could have a kickass HU and DSP to boot. Just not sure if the inputs on the DSP are the same as those coming from the sound card? If so, this may be a way to get purely digital sound into the car without spending an arm and a leg to do it.


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          Bump....Does anyone have any experience with one of these???


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            I would like some information aswell
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              Dph 910

              me too, please.


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                For a moment I thought anti was back! LOL
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