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  • PSU Opus Substitutes?

    Is there anything comparable to the amazing Opus 150watt thats 200.00 dollars!? All i read is that Opus PSU is the only way to go. However the only listed price I can find is 199.99 Thats just insain for a PSU.

    Im looking for something that can handle:
    Epia m10000
    two 3.5 7200 rpm hard drives
    1 dvd/cdrw standard drive
    PCI audigy 2 sound card
    USB radio d-link
    and one extra usable USB capable outlet

    I want it to be powered while by a sperate switch whether the car is of or on. and survive cranking flawlessly.

    please... Any suggestions?

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      there are cheaper alternatives, but nothing that will compare to the Opus. Save up what you would spend on the cheaper setup and wait a while longer, you'll be much happier, (and you also wont have to purchase it all twice!). It cost a lot because it is not produced in the volumes that ATX power supplies are, and it also fits a niche in the market that nobody else can touch. Why sell too cheap when there is no competition.
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      • #4 $79 dollars direct from Arise. Up to 120 watts.


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          Originally posted by none
 $79 dollars direct from Arise. Up to 120 watts.

          Will this unit stay powered with the ignition off? Will this be effected by cranking?


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            Originally posted by c0rrupti0n
            Will this unit stay powered with the ignition off?
            Yes if hooked up correctly. May need a shutdown controller based on your preferences.
            Originally posted by c0rrupti0n
            Will this be effected by cranking?
            Jury is still out.

            I didn't carefully read your requirements. You may be better off with an Opus if you want flawless out of the box. Buy direct from the manufacturer.


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              my radio power cuts when cranking, so my former statements are not valid indications that the Arise cannot survive crank. It certainly works with the car off (duh), and i had it + laptop HDD + DVD slimline drive + M-audio sonica sound card + EPIA M9000 + TSK running for a solid 4 hours while transfering files over ethernet, no problems. Car was idling, but the PSU didnt sweat.

              Will continue to update when i re-run power with correct gauge wire. So far i think i am drawing under 10 amps (1.8 on DVD, 1.0 on HDD, (1 or 2 on M9000), lets say 1 more misc). Thats 5.8 and the arise runs 70% efficient @ rated load. thats about 8 amps at the terminals, right? My radio line can handle that i think. I hope. For now....
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                Damn... Opus is the only way out it seems...


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                  Powering 2 7200 RPM drive then yes, Opus is the only way. powering a single high capacity 5400 RPM, That arise PSU should work. But then if you add a shut down controller and a tank circuit the cost will probably exceed the price of an Opus. so save your money and do it right the first time.
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                    Thanks for the input cproaudio. BTW nice setup...


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                      even if you need a shutdown controller and a battery for a tank curcuit (still not sure about that one), you still come in well under the cost of a 90 watt opus with the capability for up to 120 watts (with a fan) if you use the Arise PSU. Of course, if arise survives crank, then cut the battery out of there and all you need is the PSU ($79) and the shutdown controller ($30). Thats $109, coming in well under the 90 watt opus, which was (a hard to get) $160 last i checked....
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