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finally got my carputer installed

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  • finally got my carputer installed

    read the title!

    ive been on this board for a lil' while and after months of tedious planning, playing with hardware, reading and reading and reading, numerous failed attempts, (lets not get into it), i got an M9000 in the glove compartment of my 03 A4. The screen, a lilli with touch, was (poorly) bondoed to a piece of ABS plastic and is in the dash now - first time using bondo, will do better with the next screen which will hopefully be bigger and not so crappy.

    I mounted the Arise power supply and muchas' shutdown controller on a piece of hardwood and put that + all the wiring a non-electrician would ever care to do behiund the screen, where the double din HU used to go. I mounted the mobo to a 1/8" piece of wood and glued 2 dowells to the front of it so it would fit in the glovebox (too long by about an inch ), and then mounted the laptop HDD with velcro to the bottom of the wood.

    My glove box has a din sized space at the top of the glove comp where i was going to put the slimline DVD drive, but numerous problems with the IDE cable fitting through a small hole and the slimline adaptor falling off the back led me to not have a DVD drive for now. Windows apparently has issues booting when it knows there is a drive attavhed but cannot detect it. Thanks Microsoft. Any ideas on that one? I thought about hot-gluing/epoxying the adaptor in place, but that seemed like a drastic measure since there is a chance it is a bad adaptor (i guess), though it works on and off, so sometimes it is good I am considering getting longer, 80 wire, IDE cable, so it isnt a stretch....what do you think?

    Other than that and the poor bondo job (oops), everything works fine! sound is good, 'cept i am still working out software issues (volume control on winamp no longer functions as master with m-audio sonica theater software), and playlist making is tedious at best. I have a switch for the 12 V to turn on the sound, so i can kill it if i have software problems, which comes in handy....

    Oh yeah, i forgot. I am running win 2k (so SP installed yet) with 128 megs of RAM, and i go from pwr off to music in about 30 secs from hibernate. This is with all the drivers activated and no tweaking.

    Thanks to everyone who helped me out along the way, i appreciate it. Comments/suggestions are always welcome!
    Cheap Laptop, great for Carputer!

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    I suggest.... you post some pictures.
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      Originally posted by Chairboy
      I suggest.... you post some pictures.
      soon....soon....just finished teh install last night (late!) and then woke up and flew cross country this morning to visit friends/gf. But im still on cali time, so im up on mp3car

      ill post when i get home....any real suggestions?

      Thanks though......
      Cheap Laptop, great for Carputer!