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The quest for serial comms!

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  • The quest for serial comms!

    I was wondering if anyone uses a serial keypad, or made one. I am making a serial 2 wire LCD & Keypad interface - which is a 16x2 lcd and 8 buttons. I've got the LCD working sweet, it's just now I need a decoder to accept the buttons and convert that into a 1-wire rs232 bitsream for the RX pin of the comport. (the lcd is only 1 wire TX). Any ideas? I'm using a 16f84 pic in 8 bit mode for the LCD, so I can't use that to do it, I though of using another 16f84 to do it, but I can't sort out what code to use to give me ascii out from detecting a switch closure. I have looked at the 12C509 (used for the UIR) but I'm trying to find some example code.

    Any good PIC sites devoted to serial comms? I'm looked for days now, and I can't seem to find anything.


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