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newbie question..laptop screens

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  • newbie question..laptop screens

    I notice that people seem to get small 4 inch and 6 inch screens.. outside of the size issue can I utilize a 10 inch laptop screen? i have a older toshiba color laptop that I dont even use ( got my ibm thinkpad 390e now )can that screen be used? is it feasible to take the screen off completely from the body of the laptop or does experience here dictate leaving it on the body?
    thanks in advance..

    sorry just read where its difficult and expensive IF you want to attach the screen to a computer.. ok what if I just want to separate the screen from the body of the laptop and place the body elswhere away from the screen.. is that doable and if so any distance limitations?

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    I have a laptop that I use for a car player. removing the screen from a laptop to use on a regular computer is alot of work and not recommended. as far as extending the is possible, but takes alot of work and patience and I dont recommend this unless you are very skilled with electronics cuz you could end up ruining your computer
    just my $.02


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