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Wierd, wierd line level signal issues.

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  • Wierd, wierd line level signal issues.

    Hey all, I'm trying to debug a carPC installed in a 91 MR2 and I'm having some signal issues. I'm running a full ATX motherboard and PSU through an inverter. The sound is onboard, going straight to an amp and then to speakers (I'll be going to sound card soon, but I don't think that's my problem)

    When I first ran the system, it was far, far too quiet. With all volumes set to max (only volume control is software...the amp is very old and has no gain control or any other such luxuries), the sound was still very quiet. Then, today, I was driving about and I hit a pretty fearsome set of bumps, and all of the sudden the sound died completely. Basically, what happened is that something caused the line-level signal to become much, much greater than it had been before and the amp has some sort of defense mechanism where it cuts out any signal that's too loud. So now I turned all of my system volumes down to nearly zero, and I have quiet sound again, but if I turn it up at all, the amp gets scared and cuts the sound out again.

    Somehow, a bump caused the line level signal to go from nearly nothing to enormous. I'm baffled. The sound is onboard so a sound card couldn't have been jostled out of place...

    It's not possible that my very ghetto 5 foot ATX power supply extension harness would cause this sort of mischief, is it?