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Need help with dash work, lilliput mount

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  • Need help with dash work, lilliput mount

    rewrote the post, made it easier to understand:

    Basically, i need information on how to fabricate the mount for the lcd. I didnt want to modify the actual dash, so i decided to gut the stock radio, then extend off that. I need information on what to actually use to do this, it seems like you can use anything in conjugation with the fiberglass, but im new to all this.

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    did some research, and it sounds like i can make a base frame out of urethane foam, or that spray insulation, then fiberglass over that. Once it hardens, i think i'd just have to scrape out the foam and use bondo/body filler to finish it off. if theres anyone that knows more about the process, or knows what would be best for making the initial frame, i could probably start working on it today


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      yep, foam and fiberglass, file and sand, and bondo and paint ;-)

      look at mine, though I have used car's dash and monitor's front bezel
      '93 Opel Vectra A with Custom Dash with 7" lilliput
      VoomPC/M1-ATX/M10K/256 RAM/20GB 2,5' HDD/Gemtek USB Radio/WinLite/RoadRunner


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        your definatly on the right track. Go with what your thinking and see what happens. If you want some inspiration check out . Wait a while to check it out and ill post some pics of what i did last night. Theres no real how toos there but you can see the progression of my housing knowing that its coming from someone else thats never done this before and just kept doing things to see how it would turn out. All things considered ide say it looks pretty cool for a first real fabrication.



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          Instead of using fiberglass you could just use epoxy to glue the lilliput screen in place and then bondo as a filler and then sand and paint. Thats what I did. However you must be willing to sacrifice your dash console. After you make the first cut it gets easier to deal with becasue you know that there is no turing back.

          I would say try to get the exact dash peice from a junk yard or off ebay so if you screw it up then you don't have to worry about it. I am a little low on cash so i used the peice that originally came with the car. I had a heck of a time color matching it to the rest of the peices that were that color. It might also be worth taking it to a body shop and getting it professionaly matched
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