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  • SOUND CARD?????"!!!!!

    i'm looking for a sound card--LIKE the Terratec Aureon Usb (it has 6 rca's instead of 1/8" jacks) that has toslink/optical input/output. i've heard that the usb cards don't sound that good, and they take up a lot of processor power, but i'm running a 2.4 800fsb p4 and i don't think it can tax it that much. i have an available pci slot, so i'm looking for a decent sound card maybe with a breakout box. i don't even care if it's for recording, like a darla or layla card. but all i want is excellent performance, optical in/out, and rca's. on the aureon usb card it has 6 rca's, 5 for the 5.1, and a sub output. i definately want a 6th rca because i need the sub output. i don't want some line splitter to regulate the bass. i'm a huge sound freak, so with the stereo, sound is the only thing it does. thanks guys.

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    If the board has usb 2.0 then go with the audigy 2 nx. I just installed mine last night. It sounds incredible. I would say even better than a movie theatre. I'm running an mtx 8000 12" at about 400W RMS off a MTX 282 and the factory ford escape speakers on an 400W MTX 404. I sat in the car for about 2.5 hours last night listening to it.

    The 2 MTX amps eventually heated up the interior to about 98 deg, I had the console out so I couldn't turn the AC on and had to stop.

    You can use something like this to convert to RCA then run on hi quality audio cables:

    He was out of thoes, but also had the same version in a cable form. That's what I ended up getting, and they were pretty good quality.

    Again, the sound I got out of the overall system is fantastic. I have a Cambridge soundworks 5.1 system on an audigy 2 with Harman Kardon speakers & 100W 8" sub in the study. The audigy was pulling bass out of songs I have never heard on any other system. I would give it a 10 out of 10 on audio quality. I'll post pictures once I set up a website.


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      I am using Audigy 2 NX too.
      I use Monster cables that go from mini jack to 2 RCAs. They are labeled to be used with I-pod.
      The sound is great. There are no problems running USB.
      Then again, I am running a P4 2.6GHz with 8x USB 2.0 ports.


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        are line drivers / adapters / converters needed with a sound card ?

        Right let me get this straight as this sounds like what I had planned,

        you are taking the output from the sound card in 3.5mm jacks converting it straight to rca and then plugging the rca to the car sound amplifier and then from there the amp takes it to the speakers ?

        I planned the above but convinced myself that I needed to up the output of the 3.5 jacks by means of these convertors / adapters
        Is this overkill or not needed ?

        I plan on a normal p4 mobo, audigy sound card driving 3 amps in my car (either directly from the sound card or via these convertors)

        Was I about to waste a few hundred dollars on the convertors ? or will they make a difference ? I understood that the sound card outs were "speaker level" and RCA inputs to car amps are not speaker level inputs or am I missing something,

        But if you are so happy with the solution without converters then I am sure I will be
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          Audigy 2 NX provides 2Volt output, higher than conventional sound cards.
          My Alpine Amp can accept up to 4 Volt input. There is an adjustable gain on it.
          There are no adapters needed with my setup. It is a simple as plugging a cable, a higher quality one, into the sound card with one end and into the amp with another.
          That's it.

          Sound card outputs are NOT @ speaker level. They were back in the time of x86-486 PCs, where Sound Blaster cards had a 4 watt amp built in. The card still provided line output too. At any rate, those times are long gone.


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            Is anyone here using the Audigy 2NX USB sound car along with a VIA M10000 or other VIA Motherboard? Also, is anyone using the Audigy 2NX WITHOUT a headunit? If so, is sound quality/volume degraded from your stock setup? Any help is appreciated.

            I'm still trying to decide whether to:

            A)get an aftermarked Headunit with an aux input and mount it in my glovebox and then have the touchscreen where my current 2DIN opening is. The only drawbacks here are the extra money for a decent aftermarket headunit and having to mount and wire the headunit in my glovebox.

            B)run the speaker output from the Audigy or motherboard directly into the factory amplifier. My main concern with this is lack of manual volume control and degraded sound quality. My other concern is lack of FM radio which I hope to fix by purchasing a D-Link USB radio or a PCI FM card and running the stock antenna wire to it. I've done a lot of reading on this subject and it seems no one is really getting good reception.

            If anyone has recommendations as to whether I should go with an aftermarked HU or go HU-less that would be awesome. Also anyone with ideas about external manual sound control would be great too. Sorry to hijack the thread I just thought it would be helpful to others who are likely wondering the same thing as me.


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              The outputs on the back of a soundcard (reguardless of being RCA or mini-jack) are line-level outputs. The RCA inputs on car amps are also line level inputs (some amps do come with high-level inputs in addition, but all car amps as far as I know have RCA line-level inputs). Just use a mini-jack to RCA cable to plug the soundcard directly into the amps.

              Any high quality sound card will serve your purpose well. If you have the room for a PCI sound card, I would recommend that over a USB solution due to lower cpu usage, and a cheaper sound card that should provide the same performance. If you want the ultimate in sound quality, get the Audigy ZS Ext (or whatever they call the external version). I personally use an audigy platnium plugged into a car amp in my house (yeah, I had an extra car amp and didn't have an extra stereo receiver), and it works wonders.


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                for the Audigy 2 NX, do you also use the a/c adapter or just rely on the USB cable for power?

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