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  • Wanna make some money??

    Ok guys, you all have probably suffered through my endless questions in regard to hooking up my sharp 6in screen from ecsc. All my attempts have shown no results and i am quite ****ed at myself for not being able to get this to work.

    Now my request...

    I know that many people here have already hooked up these screens and have gotten them to work. If any of these people would be willing to get mine working i would gladly pay them $30. I already have the backlight inverter and have gotten the backlights to come alive. I also have succesfully generated -8 volts. but despite all this effort it still does not work.

    I suspect that this display might be defective but i doubt it. I would consider my lack of electronics skills to be the true cause of this display not functioning.

    if anyone is willing to have me send them this display so that they could try to get it to work i would ship it right away. I have trust in the people on this board and i am not worried about sending someone my display and not getting it back (tell me if i am too trusting) the bottom line is i dont think i am going to achieve my goal of an in car multi media system without some help.

    like i said, i will send the person who gets this display working 30 bucks plus whatever shipping costs from wherever you all are from. I live in a suburb right outside of chicago so if anyone in this area has this kind of knowledge let me know. Well thats the offer, if anyone can help i would appreciate it a lot.

    by the way, does anyone know the return policy on the sharps from ecsc if it is indeed defective?

    thanks guys

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    Aladdin -

    I will do this for you as per your offer.

    E-mail me at [email protected] and we can arrange the details.

    I've done this for several other people -- you can pay me the money once I have completed my work and shipped the display back to you.


    Web site:
    Yahoo Pager: m2pc123
    Jason Johnson
    Yorba Linda, California

    MPC Phase IV - *** PENDING ***