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  • dvd player?

    I didn't build my mp3 player yet but I do know that I want to build it with good speed and enough RAM to install a dvd player and a gps. Do you guys know what the recommended speed and the RAM is for a dvd player?? thanks

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    To play DVD movies via a software, it is recomeded to have a PII 300MHz or higher and 64MB of RAM. Although if you were to purchase a harware decoder for about $60, you could use a P133 or lower and 32MB. This is not only cheaper but it doesn't suffer from droped frames. And it also has a TV jack. So you can watch it on a TV/VCR or an NTSC LCD.

    The best Decoder is Sigma Designs Real Magic Hollywood Plus.
    For the best prices check http//

    Here are some DVD tips.

    DVD drives work best if they are Master on the Secondary channel.

    It isn't recomened to put any slave drives on the same channel as the DVD.

    If you have a VIA chipset download the newest drivers for the motherboard from the manufacture.

    The best drive that I know of is the Pioneer 104S. It is DVD 10X and has a slot instead of a tray. You can also find this a



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      Also, if you have an ALI chipset, download the latest IDE controller software. You might also have to turn off the DMA in the CD-ROM properties/settings.


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        Thanks for the reply.
        I have one more question. If I already have a input going into the LCD from my video card, how can I get the output to the LCD from the Decoder? Is there a such thing as a splitter for this kind of thing? Or does the output from the decoder goes into the video card and then to the LCD?


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          The output from the Decoder is seperate form the Video card. So if your using a Composit or S-Video signal to drive your LCD, then all you need is a A/B switcher. You can find one of these at just about any electronics store.
          It should cost between $15-$20.
          DO NOT us a composit Y addaptor. This could have a negigive impact on one or both of your cards (i.e. Video or Decoder).