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How to wire up a tft screen to analogue vga card

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  • How to wire up a tft screen to analogue vga card

    I have been able to locate the following information about the wires that comes from my sharp (LQ9D001).

    pin 1: (CK) Clock signal for sampling
    pin 2: (GND)
    pin 3: Hsync Horizontal sync
    pin 4: vsync Vertical sync
    pin 5: R0 Red data signal (LSB)
    pin 6: R1 Red data signal
    pin 7: R2 Red data signal (MSB)
    pin 8: GND
    pin 9: G0 Green data signal (LSB)
    pin10: G1 Green data signal
    pin11: G2 Green data signal (MSB)
    pin12: GND
    pin13: B0 Blue data signal (LSB)
    pin14: B1 Blue data signal
    pin15: B2 Blue data signal (MSB)

    It doesnt appear to be analogue. Does anyone recognise this cable layout ???

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    do you have an analogue video card?? if so do you know what signals are on the output from the card??
    those are definitely digital signals to the lcd... a to d for only three bits should be easy.. depends whats comming out of the card.
    hsync and vsync might be the hardest...
    but need to know both ends before designing an interface.

    Volvo V40 Phase 2 2002. T4 turbo upgrade.... currently no mp3 or carputer..... researching options


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      Well, now have at least been confirmed in the fact that it was digital...

      I have been digin around for the layout to a analogue (normal) vga. I have found this out there:

      pin 1: Red out*
      pin 2: Green out*
      pin 3: Blue out*
      pin 4: Monitor ID 2 in
      pin 5: Ground
      pin 6: Red return
      pin 7: Green return
      pin 8: Blue return
      pin 9: No pin
      pin10: Sync return
      pin11: Monitor ID 0 in
      pin12: Monitor ID 1 in
      pin13: Horizontal sync out
      pin14: Vertical sync out
      pin15: reserver (monitor ID 3)

      Signals marked * are analogue 0.7V p-p signals to 75 ohm load. All other signals are TTL (???) signals.

      Monitor ID detection pins

      4 11 12
      ID2 ID0 ID1

      n/c n/c n/c no monitor
      n/c n/c GND see *1
      n/c GND n/c see *2
      GND GND n/c see *3

      *1 :mono monitor which does not support 1024*768

      *2 :color monitor which does not support 1024*768 (This is what mine is to be set to)

      3* :color monitor which supports 1024*768

      I suspect that they have started using monitor id3 now to support higher resolutions etc.

      If the task of converting it is difficult of expensive, would it then be a better idea to buy an ordinary vga card that supports lcd (digital in) ???


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        What you need is a specific card for the computer for that TFT LCD.. it shouldn't be too hard to find.. will do it I think.. or go to and they list the providers of cards that drive their panels..

        The card will cost you at least $200.. and then it will require some expertise to get it working..


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          I have already been in contact with Sharp and the danish distributor. They were the ones that shipped me the manual( their last i think). I also inquired for any vga controllers of any kind still available to this screen, but to no avail.

          The problem is this screen is somewhere between 5 and 8 years old. it was one of the first quality tft screens. it has hardly been used and is therefore still interesting. i was by the way informed that the backlighting unit will die sooner or later... It worked perfectly in the old portable that died the internal part of the power supply died (it was small anyways 386 sx25/20 something)

          Im however thinking of trying the place that is mentioned often in "cheap lcd screen" 70x something ... they mention my type of display...