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Getting Optical into Surround Sound Processor

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  • Getting Optical into Surround Sound Processor

    How do people get digital output from their computers to a surround sound processor like:

    Pioneer DEQ-P7000 link
    Clarion DVH920 link
    Kenwood KDS-P901 link

    From what i can tell they all have proprietary optical cables.

    I own the Pioneer DEQ-P7000 and would like to have use the digital output from the Via M10000.

    Is it possible to creat a custom cable?

    I have a converter that will change Coax-->Toslink but nowi need Toslink-->pioneers proprietary cable

    Should i just use the unit as an 50w x 5channel amp and forget about surround sound?

    -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords

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    I hate to do this to you Anti, but could I answer your question with another question????

    I to am just getting into the Optical sound stuff and have the same MB as you (Via M10000)..... I have seen implications that the M10000 has Optical output, but not Optical input (to the on board sound), is that correct? If is does have optical out, where is it and how do you hook up to it?

    Thanks in advance...


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      Thanks for the thread hijack

      Anyways not to get off topic. The Via motherboard has Coax Digital Out not optical digital out. I plan on using one of these link

      This will convert the coax digital signal into an optical signal. THrough my research the only external 5.1 processor that supports non proprietary digital input is the Alpine and the sherwood

      -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords