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Getting rid of the buzz sound.

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  • Getting rid of the buzz sound.

    Hey everyone, ok I just put in a computer in my car and hooked up my computer up to the aux input on my cd player, but wen i set my cd player to aux and then turn on the inverter, it gives me a buzz sound a little high level. Anyone know if this is caused by the inverter, or what...i mean it makes the buzz sound without me even turning the computer on yet, so im guessing its the inverter, i have the inverter grounded pretty damn good, so i dont know what the deal is, thanks.

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    Ground everything to the same point... stereo, inverter, PSU. This topic has been discussed before so a good search will provide you with more information.


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      the big thing is grounding your psu to the same spot as the inverter. that got rid of all the noise for me
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        Actually, it's possible the power supply, not inverter is getting lower resistance to ground through the audio line to the radio.
        Try grounding the chassis of your carputer or one of the black wires for a hard drive leg.
        If nothing else works, try gorunding the negative of the audio input cable.