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HELP!! Power Supply wont supply power

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  • HELP!! Power Supply wont supply power

    Please help me. My power supply will not supply enough power to drive the computer.
    To start let me give some background information. The Power supply is ACE-916v (160 watt) from I spliced the power supply into the cigarett lighter adapter so that it would go on when the car was turned on.
    The first time I gave it power the fans tried to move, but really couldn't (you could see them start to move, and then stop because they did not have enough power). Then I disconnected everything (two HD's, motherboard, LCD, 2 fans, and CD) and tried to turn on the power supply. The fan in the supply itself started to run because I couldn't unplug that one. I also used a tester to test the output of the supply to the HD connectors. It measured a good 5v and 12v, exactly correct. Next I hooked the LCD to one of the connectors. When I turned the power supply on the LCD showed the 2 black bars that it always does when it is getting power, but no signal. I then again tested the v's coming out of the HD connectors. The wire that was supposed to output 12 v's was now putting out around 5.5v and the wire that was supposed to put out 5v was putting out nothing.
    This is where I stand. Does anyone have any ideas what might be wrong.

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    When I first installed my player, I did the same thing - I hooked it up to the cigarette lighter and it didn't work. The solution I came up with was to hook it directly to the battery. It works great and I haven't had any problems yet.

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      I can't tell, Is this a DC-DC converter?
      I bought a really cheap one from and it only has enough amps to power the motherboard OR the hard drive. So I bought some 12v Zener diodes and I'm goimg to connect the hard drive, CD-Rom, any peripherals straight to the battery making sure they are getting 12v not 14. This was my solution.

      By the way, Have you tried just powering up certian parts of your player? Maybe just the Motherboard, or just a hard drive? Them you know it worjs, it just dosen't have enough juice to do everything you want it to do.

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        OK, I hooked it directly to the car battery, and the same thing happened. I guess if there arn't any more ideas then I'm going to get a replacement.