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I'm a newbie to all this~~~~~please enlighten me

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  • I'm a newbie to all this~~~~~please enlighten me

    I'm very interested in setting up a comp. sys. in my car, but I 've a bunch of questions.
    - My budget is limited, so I'm looking forward to getting a relatively small LCD screen (not monochrome ones though). I will use the comp mainly for MP3. Which ones will u guys recommend??

    - I found some on ebay that costs 100+ USD. I heard that those need a controller or something? is that true? and how does that work?


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    You can find a bunch on eBay but alot of the cheaper ones do need a controler card. Your best bet is to spend the extra money for an "all-in-one" TFT screen. Just look for ones that have a RCA input for video. The price varies alot when it comes to size. If you want to run Windows, Winamp or play movies, bigger is better. I wouldn't go for anything smaller than 5".

    If you are going to just play MP3s and don't care much about video, then contact Arby for one of his great character LCD screens if he has any available.

    Be sure to have an in-depth look at your car before buying a display. Figure out what room you have and what can fit in it.

    Good luck, and welcome to the board! M.A.V.I.C. System
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      Since my budget is limited, I think I'm looking for a setup that does the job with minimized cost.
      What 5.6" LCD would you guys recommend????
      again, i'm looking for something inexpensive.


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        Go for something like this:

        ~ $100


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          thx for the url
          do u know if the screen is detachable, 'cus I don't want my car to be broken in.


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            Originally posted by kk-210:
            <STRONG>thx for the url
            do u know if the screen is detachable, 'cus I don't want my car to be broken in.</STRONG>
            Depends on how you decide to mount it!
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              Depends on how you decide to mount it!
              So is there any particular way that you recommend?? I see some screens come with a stand, but it doesnt look like the screen can be detached easily, without unscrewing.


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                If your budget is limited, you could skip the LCD altogether and go with a different (free) system like voice feedback...
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                  I would like to have a LCD screen for playstation and VCD. So i would like to use my limited amount of money to get a good-enough setup