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Minimum System Requirements (or, my first project ;)

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  • Minimum System Requirements (or, my first project ;)

    I just finished creating a MP3 box for my car, and here are the specs of the finished product

    Intel 486DX4 100
    32 MB RAM
    Seagate 2.1 GB HDD
    SoundBlaster AWE64 ISA Sound Card
    AOpen ISA Network card

    It's running Windows 95, but it boots directly to the command prompt and runs MPXPlay as the player software.

    It's controlled via a numeric keypad, and is currently housed in a mid tower case until I build a new one.

    Has anyone built a box with lower specs?



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    My box is almost exactly the same specs, (except the processor is a 133).

    Mine works fine, I am not 100% happy with using dos/mpxf as the software, but other than that it works well.


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      was using a 486 dx 66 overdrive
      ran ok but boot time was way to long to dos

      but it worked

      then i got a p120 thats fine now
      nice and fast 22 secs with 200 songs ibn the boot playlist

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        How do you 'overdrive' a 486/66? My brother has one that he'd love to use for mp3's. We thought it might be too slow!
        1983 BMW 733i
        Cyrix 166 32MB with MPXPLAY And no display. Player sits on the back seat with a keypad in front. Someday I'll mount this thing for good...
        Gathering parts for carplayer v2.0!


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          it is a different motherboard and cpu

          ive played mp3s on a 486 sx25 with 8 meg ram

          a 486 dx2,66 will play mp3s JUST very just

          lots of luck
          my sugestion is get a p75-p133 there cheap and nasty but they work better

          - Pcman
          donate to my team in the ****box rally all proceeds go to the cancer council


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            I think he's talking about the Intel Overdrive series of chips. They are upgrade chips that you could buy to speed up your machine.

            A 486/66 *might* work. especially if you downmixed the output. I have my 486/100 booted and ready to go in 30 seconds because I don't read in ID3 data at startup



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              Barrett, are you using Winamp? If so, how do you avoid loading ID3 data?


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                No, I'm not using winamp
                I'm using MPXPlay
                It's for dos, and I have it set to only load ID3 data when it loads a song, not to load it for every song on startup