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    I'm purchasing a "new" car this may, and am starting to plan out what I want to do with it mp3car-wise. I've pretty much decided to forgo the whole idea of a carputer and instead am interested in trying soemthing a little more OEM-feeling- carputers to me, at least how I build & run them, are a bit hackish feeling...

    That said, I came up with an idea that appeals a lot to me. I've always enjoyed winamp visualizations, and i thought an interesting way to have a semi-carputer and still use my ipod would be if possible to rig up a machine that would only run win-amp plug-ins based on an audio-in signal that would be slit between my ipod and my deck. Is there something out there like a plug-in or something that could drive the winamp plugin based on an outside signal like my ipod? Should this software exist, I assume it would not be a big deal to set everything up to start automatically.

    If I go this route, I could find unique-sized screen or perhaps several of those small screens to install on my dash and not have to worry about reading any information, do you guys think something like this is possible? I'm still debating if this would be worthwile, but it seems like kind of a cool idea to play around with.
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    That whole idea somewhat defeats the purpose of a car computer.
    A car computer can handle MP3s much better than I-pod.
    You could also use your I-pod as a USB storage device and play MP3 files using a car computer directly from I-pod.