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  • Solid State PC Card Drive

    Thought yous guys might be interested in this:

    Seems like a pretty good deal. This is the first time i've seen the selling commercially. Hopefully M-Ram isn't too far behind so we can all suspend to it!


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    I can't say much about the hard drive thing, but I love your user name


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      I wonder how much a 20GB compact flash card will cost.

      Interesting concept, but not ready for prime time just yet.


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        I have to agree with arby, any hitchhiker is alright by me.
        UPDATE: I moved farther north. Now its even too cold for the deer; only moose now


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          I considered doing this..

          Linux installed on a 128mb CF card... nice fast boot.. with all my mp3's on a regular drive.

          never got around to it.. *sigh*
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            I am doing exactly what netster thought about doing. I have a 128MB CompactFlash as the primary master IDE device in a simple $20 CompactFlash->IDE adapter (they are pin compatible you know . Anyway, I have linux installed on a read-only partition so I don't have to worry about corrupting my root filesystem due to failure or improper reboot. Also, unless you are adding/deleting mp3s to the mass storage hard drive, you can keep that mounted read-only as well and avoid the same problems.


            P.S. Toyota, how is your brother Ford doing these days?


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              if compact flash THAT fast? I always thought such types of flash ram were a little on the slower side......

              interesting concept though.....
              Project - GAME OVER :(


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                magnetik, the answer to your question is: 42.

                It depends what speed you are measuring. Most cards run in PIO 1 mode, but you still won't get more than a 2.5MB/s throughput (which is plenty to load the OS and apps). This is why you put the large and/or bandwidth intensive files (digital video, for example) on a standard ATA drive on either and IDE/SCSI/1394 (highspeed) interface.

                One advantage you do have with CompactFlash on the IDE bus is 2ms access times (harddrives are at _least_ five times slower), which is good if you have lots of small reads.

                With a 100,000 write limit, you obviously wouldn't use this for scratch space, but using it for storing your kernel, OS, and apps, on a read-only filesystem, is a good high-availability (and lowcost) SSD option.


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                  I'm using the compact flash for primary boot as well, except I paid a little less than $20 for 'em. (have 10, just so I can get a discount). Anyone in the state of NY need one?
                  I bought a 258meg compact flash card for about $89. The 512meg was around $300 or so. Also, with compression, you can get more space (of course, dont do something silly like try to compress MP3s or ZIP files).
                  They will accept type 1 and type II flash. 4 capaciters, and a jumper (for master/slave).


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                    Originally posted by laxrox:
                    <STRONG>magnetik, the answer to your question is: 42.
                    OK smartass, what's the question? The mice weren't able to figure it out, and neither was a super-intelligent shade of blue, so how come you know?

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                      OT: Mr. Have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too, I was always told it was better to be a smart *** than a dumb one.



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                        Has anyone managed to get an S.E.P. field up and running?