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    hello everyone...

    well, i've been going through this forum for the past few days and i must say that it's definitely been an educational experience. i'm new to the concept of carputers, but after looking around, i've decided to give it a go. this forum is certainly a valuable reference, answer guide, and it's provided me with lots of ideas and opened my eyes to all the available options that are actually out there.

    soooo... i've been trying to configure a setup that will accomodate my budget and do the things that i want it to do--mp3, dvd, gps, and eventually car diagnostics.

    at first, i was going to limit my budget to $1000. i had planned on putting together a small pc utilizing a mini-itx motherboard. but after reading more and more, i've decided to use a laptop instead. why? because i'm fortunate enough to have a laptop lying around that i don't use all that often since i bought a desktop a few months ago. this should bring my spending down at least a few hundred dollars, which is always good. anyway, here are the specs:

    compaq presario 2710
    1.13GHz PIII processor
    20GB hard drive
    16x dvd drive + 8x cd-r/rw drive
    VGA out + s-video out
    (2) USB 1.1 ports
    (1) PCMCIA slot
    ethernet port + modem

    as you can see, it should be plenty powerful. although, i did have to send it out for repair today. the solder for the heatsink mounts tends to melt on this certain model. as a result, the processor wasn't receiving sufficient cooling and the entire pc would shut down once it hit that critical temperature. so they are going to replace them with screws instead of resoldering them back to the board. hopefully this does the trick.

    anyway, my plan is to purchase a docking station for the laptop (for removability and transportability purposes) and a VGA LCD touchscreen. and because of the simplified power situation as opposed to a normal pc, i figure that the installation should be more or less straightforward. the tricky part may be running all the wires where they need to go.

    but i do have a few questions:

    1) i'm trying to figure out where i would like to place the actual laptop. i realize that i will actually have to turn it on manually by pressing the power button, but is there any way that i can go about storing it in the trunk? i know that i can open up the laptop and solder in some wires to create a switch that i can run to the front of the car, but i would rather not have to do that if i'm going to be taking the unit out of the car frequently. now, i'm not positive, but i believe that there is a power button on the docking station. is there a way that i can apply this same idea to the power button on the docking station?

    2) will the LCD monitor automatically power up when the car is started? i know i read another thread about the lilliput's inability to do so.

    well, i guess that's it for now. i'd appreciate any input anyone might have and i thank you in advance. i look forward to reading lots more around this place.
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