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Taking apart Partsexpress 5" LCD

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  • Taking apart Partsexpress 5" LCD

    I'm sure others like me have bought this
    LCD screen..anyone had any experience in taking it apart and just using the screen?
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    I just thought i would bring this topic back up cause im looking in buying one of these displays. I mean with the base and everything this thing is huge! would be cool to see some pics of one minus the huge base.

    Anyone out there got pics?


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      ok, this might just be my strange system of thought but, if you did not want an LCD with such a big base why not buy one that does not have the base attached. There are plenty of them, and they are all basically in the same price range...Then again that just might be me (lol)... and you can easily take it apart and use just the screen,


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        well the reason is i actualy really like most of the case that comes with it!
        i like the case around the screen and the hinge on it. Im thinking of instaning it under the dash so it folds down when needed and folds up to be unseen. This would allow for a very perfessional looking install without alot of fooling around. I just dont like haveing that thick base there. That makes it easy to spot.