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TV Signal (using masthead amp)

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  • TV Signal (using masthead amp)

    Please help, I have Win tv card.. this ismy current setup

    Aireal --> Masthead amp w/ 12volt on core + earth on surround of cable --> WinTV card

    for some reason, when i add the 12volt to the damn masthead amp the signal gets WORST!!!

    Any ideas please...
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    Uhm, could you be a bit more specific.

    You mention a tv tuner.... someithng about your amp. +12 on earth ?

    Are you saying your car has +12 running through the frame - I dont tihnk so.

    or that you have +12 going through a little cable that you hang out your window to touch the ground.
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      Hi Jose.

      Have you remebered to put in an small capacitor like this.

      Tv Card ----||---------------- Antenna

      Otherwise you get the 12v directly into the card.




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        Whoa this went totaly wrong !!!

        The 12V are to be connected on the string going to the antenna.

        Hope this makes sense.



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          I think ascii diagrams will be spaced right if you put them inside UBB code tags

          Tv Card ----||---------------- Antenna


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            The problem you are having is most probably due to to tha masthead amp itself. What sort on antenna is is connected to? If it is a small one then there is probably heaps of noise being picked up and the masthead amp will also amplify this noise. Wideband masthead amps generally do not improve problems associated with a small antenna. The only solution I know of to this problem in a vehicle environment is the use of diversity tuners which use multiple antennas.

            I dont know of any diversity systems for vehicles other than a unit made by Alpine. It is designed for use with their mobile media systems and pobably uses their own proprietry Ai-NET bus for selecting stations etc.

            You may be able to find other systems by doing a search around the net or you could mount a 12 element yagi on your car roof (very attractive).