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Sound Blaster MP3+ / WIFI conflict

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  • Sound Blaster MP3+ / WIFI conflict

    Ok well I'd like to point out to my buddies here that the combination of a DLink DWL-520 network card and a Sound Blaster MP3+ can cause issues with sound skipping. Whenever the WiFi card can't lock itself to an Access point the sound skips erratically. I noticed this when i finally got my new antenna, now that I have it (I almost always have a connection, before it was spotty) the sound is just as I would expect. Does anyone else have this little issue with any other internal or external network cards? Also does anyone know of good software that will tell me info about the wireless networks and status of the connection I have? I use netstumbler but i'm looking for something a little more robust than what comes with the network card (which doesn't work for me anyway). thanks