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iopener will start requiring u buy internet service....

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  • iopener will start requiring u buy internet service....

    Just found this article at my fav' technology news site (

    Netpliance closes 'I-opener' loophole

    Netpliance has changed the terms of its user agreement to foil consumers who want to use its Internet applicance as a cheap computer.
    The Austin, Texas-based company, which sells the $99 "I-opener", now requires customers to sign up for at least 90 days of Internet service at $21.95 a month.
    The move comes after a Las Vegas slot machine mechanic figured out how to graft a hard drive onto the I-opener and transform it into a cheap Linux-based PC that could be used in conjunction with any ISP account.
    More details are available at

    99 ram 5.9 turbo
    P4 2.0, MicroATX, Audigy2nx, Monster Cable / Alpine.
    Coming soon: Indash motorized, 5.1, dvdrw, gps, bluetooth, wifi, and more!

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    They have also changed the bios to not recognize hard drives, and then attatched it to the motherboard with epoxy. Some of them have also clipped off 4 of the ide pins.

    Fortunately, they underestimate the power of the dark side! cheap solutions have been found for both of these problems (you can read about them <a href=''>here</a>) and as far as I know, if you get them from Circuit City, you aren't required to sign up for the ISP service either.

    ¡Viva la revolucíon!

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