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    I am looking for different cases that might fit well into the trunk of my car. I was wondering what you guys were using for your case. I need a mini-ITX case that will ideally fit the opus solution's 90w car power supply.

    What are you guys using?

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    Mine is light box made from clear,frosted and white plexiglass the frosted is the sides and the white is the back plate and the clear is the front window it's made like a custom amp rack there is metal that has 1/4" holes all over it running on the inside of the sides the MB is a M10K and is suspended with 1/4"x1" steel spacers and bolts all the cables come off the MB and run under the MB and out a hole hidden under the MB all the metal has been brushed and clear coated and there is green and blue neon behind the frosted sides lighting the whole thing up on the inside I am planing to add some black lights also but the M10K is not realy UV reflective so I might not do it

    it looks *****IN I will take a pic and post it for you when I can


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      If you don't mind modding your own case, check out this thread:
      For $7, you just can't beat it. Keep in mind though, that assumes a couple things: you're using an M10000, the 90 watt Opus, a laptop HDD, and mounting your optical drive somewhere else (like the dash).

      If you don't want to make your own case, check out the store on They've got a lot of nice mini-ITX cases there and some reviews on them. Their not the cheapest place to buy, but a good source of info. Once you decide, a good deal is only a away!

      So far:
      M10000 Nehemiah, 1Gb RAM, Opus 90w PS, Buffalo Tech WLI2-USB2-G54, 160 Gb HDD, GlobalSat BU-353 GPS, iGuidance, Zippy EL-610, Panasonic CW8123B Slim Slot CDRW/DVD, 10" Lilliput, Sony XA-300, Sony CDX-MP30 Head, OBD-II


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        what kind of hdd?
        2007 Honda Fit Sport 1.5L SOHC-VTEC


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          I have yet to install everything on my system, but after finding out that my Directon case would not work, I found this one

          and am vey happy with it. The 90w Opus fits (without the bracket) and the layout is very nice.