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EPIA 600MHz vs 1GHz

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  • EPIA 600MHz vs 1GHz

    Dear all,

    I'm sure this has been asked before but could not find a relative post when I searched.

    So, I'm looking to buy an EPIA MII 10000 which has the 1GHz CPU. The difference that I can see between the MII 10000 and the MII 6000, is that the MII 10000 requires a fan. A few questions about this:

    1) Does the fan come with the EPIA motherboard?
    2) Is there a big performance increase between the 600 MHz and the 1GHz?
    3) Has anyone had heat problems with the EPIA MII 1GHz?


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    Im curious too if I need to supply the fan.
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      The MII 10000 comes with a fan.


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        Another note, I think the heat issues would be the product of the environment your placing the motherboard in. If there is no ventilation to the motherboard then it could be a problem. With that said, I just got my board so I don't know how hot it runs.


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          Ive had the EPIA 800 and and I just got my new EPIA MII. Off the bat the Mii is noticibly faster so I can imagine its that much faster then the 600 version. And yes the MII does come with this tiny fan on it, so did the EPIA 800.

          The MII seems to boot up at 44c cold and idle at 49c give or take. If the temp doesn't go passe that then I suppose it'll be fine otherwise I'll find ways to keep the proc cooler. I don't know what the 6000 version costs but get the 1gig MII.

          I know im comparing the 800 not the 6000 but I don't own a EPIA 6000 . Also the fan on the Epia MII 10k is very silent probably like 22 db so nothing to worry about.
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            Its difficult to compare but SAMC you could always downclock the Epia800 to 6*100Mhz (its currently 6*133mhz) as that would allow you to give Skippy76 a more realistic comparision. However the MII6000 has a newer supporting chipset so may bit a little bit quicker.
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              1 yes 2 yes 3 no