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looking for a FIREWIRE dvd player

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  • looking for a FIREWIRE dvd player

    i'm looking for a FIREWIRE dvd player. i've searched the forums and got nowhere. i'm not looking for a usb 2.0 dvd player, i'm not looking for an ide to firewire converter, i'm looking for an external firewire dvd player that supports the 5.1 surround standard. any ideas?

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      i'm looking for a basic firewire dvd player, not the burner, cd burner or anything fancy. i'm looking for just a firewire dvd rom with 5.1 capabilities.


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        DVD and 5.1 are two completly different things. I havn't seen any just plane DvD players that are firewire. However you can purchase the DVD driver seperatly(slimline laptop type are the best cause of the low power consumtion) and then get a firewire bridge.
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          i know that dvd and 5.1 are separate things, but you still need the ac3 audio information for it to decode to the 5.1 spec. dvd is just the video and data info, but just like the old cd rom drives, some require the digital cable to be plugged in to the audio card. i don't know if that's the same spec for dvd's (i don't have a dvd rom drive to test it) but i'm looking to do 5.1 so i want it to be compatible. do you know of any external notebook dvd-rom drives? thanks