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    I just purchased an FM modulator and have a question. If anyone could help it would much appreciated.

    I would like to connect it to my cruise control button. In Hondas (97 Civic) you have to "turn on" the cruise control before you can use it and that seems like the ideal place to tap into to get power yet not be a constant drain on the battery. Only thing is there are six, count em six, wires coming off the clip into the cruise control. Two red, two black (each set has one with a strip down it) and two green.

    Now for the question:
    Can you shed some light on which wire is which? Or can you point me to someone/somewhere that can?

    Thanks in advance.


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    You need constant power. Besides FM modulators use very little power.


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      Why don't you just use the power wire that is feeding your system, that way whenever your inveter or dc-dc is on the rf mod is on too? That is what I am planning on doing whenever I get the machine for my trunk


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        Because the fm modulator disrupts the antenna to the radio you probably do not want to use a constant feed on the modulator. Otherwise you would not be able to get good radio reception not that any of us here use the radio section. You can either hook it up to an ignition switced wire or a const but you will need some kind of way to control it on and off in case you want to hear the radio for some reason. Not knowing how your system is wired I would suggest a nice little dash mounted switch. There are usually several empty switch knockouts in Civics. I switch that looks and works good is one from Clifford electronics originally meant as a coded valet switch. It is square shaped but uses a standard round hole for mounting unlike the square swithces usually meant for foglights. You can get one of these from any Clifford dealer for five or six bucks although be sure to get one of the older ones and not one meant for the newer g4 systems. jason