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  • mp3 DVD-R or +R

    I was wondring if most car DVD players could play mp3-loaded DVD-r or DVD+R. That would be the only reason I would buy a dvd player. I was thinkin specificaly of the Pyle PLDVD170. Did anyone out here already got that to work?

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    usually if they can play - then they can play -. That said, I haven't yet seen a DVD/CD/mp3 player that would read the MP3s off the DVD, though they might exist. Somebody with the pyle on hand might be able to tell you?
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      I emailed the pyle representative and he told me that only mp3 CD-Rs would play. Anyone knows about a device that actualy play the burned mp3 DVDs. It would be real nice... 4.9 GB of mp3s on one disk....


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        I've yet to see/find a DVD player that played mp3's from a DVD.. It seems a bit odd that there is none out there.. My DVD system will only read mp3's off a CD-R..


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          There IS a system that does just that! It's called a "carputer". Some people call it a "CarPC".

          I think there's even places on the internet where you can find people that've done it... but I don't wanna make claims I can't back up.


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            Originally posted by Banderon
            There IS a system that does just that! It's called a "carputer". Some people call it a "CarPC"...

            Forget about measly 4.7GB. You can get 100+ GBs of MP3s with instant access and easy navigation.