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  • Possible Vibration solution...

    this is just something that sorta occured to me...but what about booting to a USB hard drive and keeping that up front where it's got less shock? You could get one ofthe USB 2 enlosures for a laptop HD and boot from that...usb2 is plenty fast enough..any thoughts? This is just something that is crossing through my mind and I figured I'd get some input..

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    Shock isnt nearly as big a problem as most people think. Theoretically, one would think that the vibrations of a car driving around would ruin a hard drive quickly. In practice, however, hard drive failures due to shock are rarely seen. Note that I said rarely and not never.
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      I plan on placing a mini-itx computer in my glovebox, it will also be used as a second computer so it will have to be removable. If i supported it between two layers of sponge would it be enough to remove any large impacts from hitting potholes and also reduce the vibrations?

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        I am no expert, but I suspect the sponge would act as a damper and isolate the case from vibration and shock without allowing harmful oscillation. However, surrounding the case with foam might give you heat problems. If you support the case at the ends and allow for enough ventilation you may be OK.
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          Why is the front of the car more dampened than the rear? AFAIK, it isn't.

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            I have my mini-itx in my glove comparment and I didn't use any kind of padding (and I drive a sports car). You should be fine as long as you make sure everytyhing is tightly screwed in.