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  • Good source for reading schematics

    Ok, I've been soldering PSX mod chips for about 2 years now... my soldering is not the best, but I have come a long way. I just recieved my LCDs from eio & I have the schematics for connecting to the printer cable, but my question is, I am not the best at reading a schematic, maybe not even that good... but I need to find a legend somewhere that will aid me in deciphering the schematics that I have... I'm not sure on some of the components... I see a 10K and 100 and I believe that they are resitors, but I just want to be sure. The LCD is the Seiko L2014. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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    Up.. those two swiggles are varible resistors, or pots (same thing). I hadn't done any electronic work before I did this and it all works fine.
    Unfourtunally I can't help you find a schematic reader. I never found one myself, but there has to be one out there. If worse comes to worse, rat shck sells a book that will help you with this kind of stuff.


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      Thanks. I am headed to Radshack today for solder, I will check on it when I am there.


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        Aaron Cake has a schematic guide on his website.
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          Now that can really help! Thanks for the link.