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need switches for my home MP3 player

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  • need switches for my home MP3 player

    anyone know a good place in the UK (maybe US or other countries) that does some nice switches for my home MP3 box??

    My home player is based on a Dell P100 painted black/silver, I have hacked an old keyboard which the encoder PCB is going to sit inside the box, the encoder board has a row of connectors and joining any two of these makes a key appear so all I have to do is solder a switch between them.

    Ideally I would like to drill a hole in the front of the computer and have the switch just clip in or have a simple nut that holds it in, should bit circular, about 3-4mm side and silver or black in colour. Ive seen plenty of small PCB mounted switches but its difficult to mount them easily on the front of the computer.

    I intend to put about 10 buttons on the front of the thing, Ive been to my local Maplins electronics store but I dont see any switches small or nice enough, I think I need to try a specialised electronics store.

    My idea is to have my PC driving the character LCD and therefore not require and monitor or keyboard and be complete self contained.

    John H

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    i was thinking about hacking apart an old remote and connecting the leads off its PCB to a keyboard controler. Then maybe find a thin piece of alum. and cut (maybe mill out) the same holes as the remote had and glue the hole mess together.
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