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satellite tv tuner pci card

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  • satellite tv tuner pci card

    does anyone know of a satellite tv tuner card for either directv or dish network? i'm looking for either a pci or agp card. maybe you could use it with this antenna

    but i'm looking for the tuner card itself for a media center pc.

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    First of all that antenna costs several THOUSAND.

    Secondly there are no DirectTV tuner PCI card that I know. But you can juse use a normal recivier and connect via coax, component, or svid to any capture card. If your worried about not being able to change the channel on the same remote you can get an IR Blaster which you tape to the IR eye on your DTV recivier and you program it to send out certain signals that would have otherwise come from your DTV remote but are now programed to do so on from your HTPC.
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