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Using CE device for remote control

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  • Using CE device for remote control

    I have been using an HP320LX that I picked up surplus for $50 attached to my main MP3 machine. I am doing remote control with pcAnywhere and it works GREAT!!

    It gives me a mini-keyboard, backlight, and touch screen. Works great for MP3 and GPS plus the extra small footprint makes it easy to use.

    If you want to do GPS and MP3, I would suggest looking into a solution similar to this -- it is the best option I have found for both remote control and display (as long as color is not a requirement). I have even seen some surplus color devices for $100 or so.

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    great idea! Please expand on your use of CE as remote control. I will be using a notebook computer, I have already built a 4x20 display, but would love to use my hp 620 for control of the notebook.


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      Count me in also. HP620


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        The hookup and control is fairly easy. You will need to decide on one of the following methods:

        Pro - Cheap, easy can use existing serial cable with your HP and just add an extension
        Con - Speed. The fastest you can run is 115K. The screen refresh is slow when first loading a GPS app or MP3 player. After that, the refreshes are pretty good.

        Pro - SPEED!! Screen refreshes are instant.
        Con - Cost. Must have network card for HP and your PC. Also need switched ethernet cable to hook them together.

        Pro - Faster than serial. "Coolness" factor.
        Con - must have line-of-site between HP IrDA and PC IrDA. This can be done with an extendor from the PC to your dashboard. Slower than ethernet. Price for PC extension is not as cheap as a serial cable.

        Use serial for testing purposes to see if you like the solution.

        Software Needed
        pcAnywhere/CE (free)

        Simply load pcAnywhere/CE on your HP from your CE devices partner. Set the pcAnywhere/CE transmission for Com1 at 115K. Attach your HP to your MP3 machine using the normal CE serial cable.

        Load pcAnywhere on your MP3 box. Set the communications for the correct com port and 115K.

        Run pcAnywhere on your MP3 Machine. Launch the icon for the serial connection. Run pcAnywhere on your CE machine.

        A copy of your MP3 machine's screen will be sent to your HP. Your HP will now mimic the keyboard and mouse of your MP3. The cool thing is that even though you are using your HP, the soundcard on your MP3 is working along with any GPS attached.

        NOTE: the screen on your HP may be compressed and hard to read, clicking on pcAnywhere rectangle will expand the screen.

        Pros of using this method
        Cheap, cool and complete control. Screen is very readable compared to 4 or 6 inch NTSC monitor.

        Cons of using this method
        No TV/DVD playback (might be possible with color, but not sure -- mine is grayscale so I did not try).
        Screen size is kind of small, so you may have to scroll some, especially with GPS.

        I would recommend downloading a demo or non-cracked version of pcAnywhere to test the solution before paying for pcAnywhere. This should also work with any remote control software that offers a CE client.

        Hope it helps, just let me know if you need any more details.


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          Mustang, Isn't there a charge for pcAnywhere for CE. I have version 9 for the PC but only thing I could find on the web site was an update and it only works if you already have the CE version installed???? Also, it would be great if one of the plugin gurus of our group could convert one of the LCD plugins to work with a CE device via the serial port!!!

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            This is the version for CE that I used:

            It did not require a previous version when I installed.


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              If that one doesnt work try this one


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                Can anyone comment on this solution with
                a "Palm Sized PC" as opposed to a "Handheld PC"? I have a Nino 510 and was wondering if people had any experience going this route.



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                  there is a mp3 player for windows ce called hum. it is available at or at Has anyone tried using this program and simply networking a ce device to a regular computer?


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                    I have written a program that controls winamp using a serial plugin. It is not very flamboyant, but works.