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WD 120 burned up!

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  • WD 120 burned up!

    something shorted on my WD 120gig today, nice burn on one of the underside circuit board chips.

    still under warranty, so i can get a replacement, but, anyone know where i might be able to get a new circuit board? i don't want to lose my mp3s!!!!!!!!!

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    You could go buy a dead 120gb WD hard drive off ebay and try to switch the boards, but there is no garuntee on it working, its not the simplest switch. Also, it will probably void your warranty (depends on how noticable the changes are). If you really want to try, thats about the only option (ok, you could also try switching the platters into a working 120gb drive, but odds are that would destroy both drives unless you were VERY careful).