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  • Multiple Profiles?

    I have set up 2 hardware profiles on my player, one for when I want mp3s and one for when I need the entire system. My question is, is there a way to have windows automatically boot to one profile, without stopping at the menu 1st?

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    I did this and had the same problem as you have. Here is how I solved it.

    1. I went back to one hardware profile and loaded all of the hardware that I wanted to use in either mode.

    2. I copied c:\windows\system.dat to system.w98.

    3. I removed all of the hardware from the existing profile that I did not want to run in the car profile. Then rebooted just to make sure everything was like I wanted it.

    4. I then copied c:\windows\system.dat to system.mp3.

    5. I then made my config.sys read as follows:
    menuitem=car, Car MP3 Player
    menuitem=room, Normal
    menudefault=car, 3
    REM put any stuff you want to load in both profiles here
    REM put car specific stuff here
    REM put room specific stuff here
    6. I then made my autoexec.bat read as follows:
    @Echo off
    goto %config%
    goto end
    attrib -h -r -s c:\windows\system.dat
    copy c:\windows\system.w98 c:\windows\System.dat
    attrib +h +r +s c:\windows\system.dat
    7. I then made my c:\windows\dosstart.bat read as follows:
    attrib -h -r -s c:\windows\system.dat
    copy c:\windows\system.dat c:\windows\System.w98
    copy c:\windows\system.mp3 c:\windows\System.dat
    attrib +h +r +s c:\windows\system.dat
    8. I then rebooted and was ready to go. I get two choices when I start, car mode or room mode. If I boot into room mode, when I'm ready to shut down, I select reboot in MS-DOS mode and it sets everything back up for car mode.

    Sorry for the long post...if anyone has a better way to do this please tell me.