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Really confused, need some help

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  • Really confused, need some help

    I have bought the EPIA M10000 motherboard here

    and I got the Travla C134 case here

    When I put on the Laptop HD 2.5" it fits but when I add on the slim cd/dvd rom drive it doesn't fit on it. It gets in the way of the two things circled in green. I am wondering how the others have been able to get it to fit.

    If these items do not work with each other I would like to return asap so I ca try to get my money back and get the right parts. Thanks!
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    Suggest you make a more informational subject for this thread... Might get more attention. Something like 'EPIA m/b and Travla case fit problems' or something. U get the idea. Good luck!


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      Thanks slushieken... hopefully I get more replies now.


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        I can push it down and FORCE it to fit I think but I dont want to screw it down just incase it breaks something.


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          u having the same problem I had... even though you changed the subject of your message, it still shows the original title in the forums. If you find a way to change that title, drop me a line and let me know what it was