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Digital audio source switching by PC - possible?

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  • Digital audio source switching by PC - possible?

    See the attached image for this to be clear..

    I was looking into the possibility of using optical or coax audio signal outputs for most of the audio components on my carpc. I was hoping to implement a scenario where I could use digital all the way from the original device out to the amplifier. The idea here is digital input selector, controlled via the PC. I haven't been able to find anything that can do this...

    In the picture, 'Other' is any other digital device. The control cable depends on what the switching device uses for control (USB, serial, or parallel are all possibilities). The design illustrated entails a sound card with a digital ouput, but I am open to any other suggestions.

    Best would be a switching device like this, with a decent USB soundcard built in. Hopefully converting the PC audio out into digital as well. Have not seen anything like this around though...

    I need to stealth all my components to make this installation clean, which is why I am looking at PC control rather than a manual switch box (found several manual ones around actually). I am really looking for high quality audio. No interest in 5.1, just 2 channel.

    Can I get some guidance from the collective?

    BTW yes I have an amplifier where one is not needed in this drawing
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    No input at all? This is the first time I didn't at least get a 'why would you want to do that?' LOL! Someone out there must have something to offer...