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Power/Boot issues

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  • Power/Boot issues

    Ok, I want to preface this post by saying that I did attempt to search for the answer first, but I couldn't find anyone with a similar situation. I have a epia m9000, an 80gb hd, 256mg ram, and a Casetronic 2699R .
    At first I realized that after I would turn the computer on and let it run for a while it would not power up on the next boot. When I pushed the power button, the led's would flash and then the comp would turn off. So I thought it might be a heat issue and bought an internal fan. This didn't remedy the situation. Then I figured it might be a power issue, so I disconnected everything(peripherials, HD, etc), brought the computer inside, and I have the same problem.
    I'm at a stand still, if someone could help me I'd be very appreciative...thanks alot.
    (sorry about the long post)

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    swap the PSU out and see if it boots then.
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      Yeah sounds like it might be a bad PSU.. I had this problem with my home system and it was the PSU.. My caps seem to get REALLY hot and the system wouldn't boot till they cooled down..


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        Thanks for the help...I suppose its worth it to get an opus anyway, I just was going to prolong spending the money for as long as I could.