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    When I run my cables in my car, I shall have several USB cables, VGA cable, audio cable and power cables.

    I'm considerring running the power cables down one side of the car and the USB / VGA cables down the other side to minimise interferance. Is this really ncessary? Have anyone had any problems with interference to audio, video & USB when running next to the power cables?


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    It is necessary. You will be happy if you do it that way. If not, then you will find yourself doing it over.
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      As long as you keep the power cables atleast a couple of inches away, you shouldn't have any probs. Obviously if you run then on different sides of the car, that would be better.
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        I'd run the power on one side, the audio on the other, and data down the middle (if your car allows this easily).


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          If your install is clean and you use quality cables, it should not be an issue.

          I have built two CarPCs and not run into an issue yet with crosstalk between cables. Besides which all of the cables in my merc run down a cable tray along the bottom of the door frame with no problems.

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            If you're running power down to an amp, and then speaker cable back up... ANYONE will recommend at least 18" between the power/audio. Most recommend opposite sides of the car.

            Just a PC set-up.. ~150watts... even then I'd recommend running them seperately.


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              Banderon speaks the truth
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