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  • Load Balancing Power Supplies

    In the past, one of my biggest problems was power supplies. The DC to DC power supplies are relativly small (power wise)... but going from 12V to 120V back to DC seemed like a waste, but you can get 300W if needed relativly easily.

    Has anyone tried to take 2 - DC to DC power supplies and hook them up so they load balance?

    The problem I see with it would be the ATX interconnect to turn on and off the power supply. I don't know much about the ATX intelegence in the power supply... maybe someone else does?

    This way a power hungery board/processor could be run + full sized hard drives + CD/DVD drive + various accessories (LCD, USB stuff, serial ports, etc)


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    I did this back in the day when i was younger i had two power supplies in my main home computer becuase i didn't have money to buy a new one but i had to smaller PSUs. What I did was had one switch to power the main one with the computer and another to turn on the hard drives ect..... worked fine I didn't have to wire the PSU's together etheir so it was very easy.
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      Most will load balance as long as there isn't a significant voltage difference between the outputs of the DC-DC PSUs. If one DC-DC PSU is putting out 5.1V and the other 5.0V and you join them together, one of them is going to have to dissipate 0.1V across a very low resistance in the wires. This could make one of the PSUs burn out.

      You can use low resistance loading resistors or resistance wire to overcome this, but your output voltage will drop using them.