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Sound card / mpxplay / DOS question

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  • Sound card / mpxplay / DOS question

    Hello all. My objective is to run mpxf and mpxplay in DOS for my car mp3 system.

    System specs:
    Soyo LI-7000 slim desktop system, with integrated 810 chipset audio using the Sigmatel codec in windows.

    If anyone knows how I could get the integrated audio to work in DOS, that would probably solve most of my problems

    However, as it stands, I bought a Sound Blaster 16 PCI, because I couldn't get mpxplay to run, even in Windows (98se).

    I disabled the onboard audio through the BIOS setup, and added SET BLASTER=A220 I7 D1 (the settings which are shown under 'legacy device' for the sb16 in windows) to my autoexec.bat.

    Problem is, when I load mpxplay, it tries to use 'Midas SS' audio. And, when I try to force it to use SB16 compatibility, it says 'couldn't detect SB16'. You'd think an SB16 would be compatible ;-) What I'm thinking, is that somehow mpxplay is confused because it's also seeing the onboard audio? hmm... In windows, however, mpxplay detects sb16 and works fine. Is it possible that the 'dos compatibility' settings that I'm seeing in windows aren't actually correct?

    Any advice/comments with regard to my situation are MUCH appreciated.

    Thanks again,

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    Im not using mpxplay, but just a thought, are you loading up your soundblaster drivers in DOS?

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      Yeh, that sounds like the problem. Check your autoexec.bat file and make sure it's loading your sound card drivers.


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        I have a SB16 and it works fine in MPXPlay.. I had a bit of a problem finding drivers that worked for the card though.. The link below will get you the drivers that I used and they worked fine.. This should get you up and running. BTW I had an onboard yamaha sound card and it skipped real bad when I finally got it working in MPXPlay.. I had to use a SB16 to get good sound.. Good Luck.


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          well I don't trust ANY PCI sound or on-board audio for DOS. DOS is impossible to get any of the newer sound cards (ie Crystal-chipset or Analog Device-chipset) to work beyond BAD SB-pro quality (22khz, 8-bit, MAYBE stereo)

          And even if you can get it to run decently, you have to be wary whether or not its emulating SB16, or if the program (DAMP, MpxPlay, CPOpen, etc etc) accepts your chipset. (most likely you will have to write to the author to help you out and write a driver for your chipset)

          What I would recommend is to get a SB16 WavEffects ISA card. I have it running on my prototype and its working great. (Its also the only one that is ISA that is fully and easily SB16-compatible in DosBoot) Unfortunately, most of the drivers are for Win3.1 instead of DOS, so just use teh drivers for AWE64/AWE32/16/etc etc... with the PnP stuff... CTCF or some acronym like that.

          but this is just my opinion.
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            How'd you get 'em working Chaos?

            It looks to me like I must first install the Creative PnP Manager, and then install the DOS audio drivers. However, whenever I run the install.exe for either one (after reaching the command prompt by F8) it says that I'm running the program from a Windows 95 box, and afterward the program exits. This even happens after using the 'Safe Mode command prompt'! I don't get it... Any help/comments/etc would be much appreciated!



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              Thats odd. I just ran install and they went in fine. Are you running a full install of win95? Sounds like you are.. I just formatted my system with a win98 boot disk...I do not have a full install of 98. You might try just a format with no install of 95. The driver install program might check to see if win95 is installed or not.. I dont know... Just a guess. Hope that helps.



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                Thanks Chaos for your input with regard to my problem.

                I tried what you said... and I was met with mixed success. After doing a format c: /s to my drive, I ran the configuration manager installation program. This time it let me install the program, and then I rebooted my system.

                However, when the program ran after the reboot, it said "your system configuration has changed, please run Windows 95 to initialize the configuration". I tried booting into the OS (tried 95 and 98) but nothing changed. I tried to run the SB Audio DOS driver install after that, but it couldn't detect my card. I'm becomming really desperate here... I might just try and get this thing running with WinMe and WinAmp. Thanks again Chaos!



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                  BTW Chaos, are you running a PCI SB16? What type of motherboard are you using?



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                    I am using a TX Pro II motherboard and a Creative Vibra 16s (ISA). As far as I can tell they are basically the same card(SB16 & Vibra16). From what I could tell that driver supported both. I really dont know why that is asking to install the config manager. Did you have Win95/98 installed at all when you tried it? I have nothing other than and other required system files. Just so the drive will boot... Good Luck!