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  • Motherboard POST time

    The motherboard that I am currently using takes about 30 seconds to even begin its POST. Are there ways to decrease the POST time? If not, are there any motherboards with minimal POST times?

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    Ouch, 30 seconds is a long time...

    First, manually enter all the settings for your hard drives, or use the autodetect feature to detect them. Don't leave everything set at auto or the motherboard will redetect all IDE devices at startup. This takes a lot of time.

    Set all your port information manually...that is, change the settings for your serial and parallel ports from AUTO to the proper settings.

    Enable fast boot, and disable the floppy controller as well as boot from floppy. Also, disable memory test above 1MB.

    That's all I can think of at the moment...
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      my ASUS motherboard has a great BIOS with wicked POST time (under 1 sec). But I was just lucky to get that mobo at the time..
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        My computer (desktop) hangs for a few seconds AFTER post. Where it would usually say Starting Windows 9x... It sits there for about 10 seconds before it starts to load windows. Strange Plans and progress on my install - (Updated 28 June 02)
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          OK here are few things I learned how to make short boot-time.

          First hardware,
          1) try to eliminate extra hardware you don't need.
          2) for the memory chips, put the memory chip in first socket and if you have more than one put bigger memory chip first . (believe or not , for some motherboard ,it will make the computer boost faster)
          3) use good hardware, I know this is basic but it's important!, good motherboard, decent hard drive (at least 7200 speed) and use ATA100 cable if your hard drive spports it.

          Second the BIOS
          1) update the bios latest version.
          2) in your bios setting, like 'Aaron' said
          a) use maual setting for the IDE drives, don't use auto setting.
          b) use fast boot option (if it has it)
          c) diable booting from floppy drive. make the the hard drive is the first one in booting sequence.
          e) disable the memory test.

          Third in Windows;
          1) Install ONLY porgrams that you use , specially don't install programs that need to be run in background all the time if you can. Such as virus program , if this is for Car PC, virus program is unnecessary I think.
          2) Try not to have any short-cuts in desktop
          3) this is important but not many ppl know about it- do not have any extra FONTS , keep the only fonts that need. When the windows start it reads all the fonts so if you have a lot it will take long time to boot.

          ---if you can just format your hard drive , and install ONLY programs that you use ---

          or you can go throw registry and eliminate the unnecessary programs from start up and autoexec , system but personally I don't like doing that.

          And here is information from microsft about fast boot.


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            don't forget
            get rid of ie and a whole bunch of other crap that you dont need in a carPC
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